Inspired by the art of Transistor and Remember me, then, evolved while part of the team behind Pixel Ripped 1989 development.

Music produced by Leonardo Borges and listen on Spotify.


  • A single prefab with the core particle system that  spread particles towards all the 3 axis on 6 different directions, spawning subparticles upon collision;
  • Some prefabs of the sub emitted particles;
  • Particle system presets to speed up your workflow;
  • Few Geometries;
  • Some using Unity's standard particle unlit shaders;
  • Textures;
  • Documentation;


  • All content compatible ONLY  WITH UNITY ENGINE;
  • Compatible with Unity 's URP /HDRP / SRP Pipelines (You will just have  to switch the  shaders to Unity' s builtin particle shaders of each pipeline);



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