Inspired by the art of Transistor and Remember me, then, evolved while part of the team behind Pixel Ripped 1989 development.

Music produced by Leonardo Borges and listen on Spotify.


  • 2 core Visual effects with fade-in and fade-out animations;
  • 8 loopable variants with fade-in and idle  animations;
  • 21 variants in 3 different materials (thus, a total  of 63 variants);
  • 3 shaders using Amplify Shader and particles integration  through the flow of custom  vertex  streams;
  • Documentation containing visual effect breakdown and how to manipulate some aspects of  the visual effect;


  • All content compatible ONLY  WITH UNITY ENGINE;
  • Compatible with Unity 's URP /HDRP / SRP Pipelines (You will just have  to switch the  shaders to Unity' s builtin particle shaders of each pipeline);
  • Unfortunatelly the "Galaxy  shader" within the package is not compatible with URP / HDRP;



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Voxels_22_11_2020.unitypackage 8 MB


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Looks really good! The before purchase questions : is it meant for SRP or URP? And can it be used to spawn a room made out of cubes - with rigid bodys and colliders attached?

  • SRP only (Standard pipeline), it's not compatible with  URP/HDRP (not yet, updates coming soon);
  • Shaders being converted  to Shaderforge and shadergraph  for compatibility  with more shader  editors and different  pipelines within unity;
  • You could mostly fill a small room with them, however, would be too expensive since it's using purely the Unity's Particle system (even with Vfx graph you would mostly toast the GPU);
  • You can't put rigidbodies on the since they are particles and they are not interactive at all;
  • Thanks for asking before purchasing and sorry for not achieving your expectations;

Thank you very much Ivan for that detailed answer! SRP is not an issue - for my current project everything is in SRP yet and I do have Amplify Shader Editor. The latest version supports URP and I converted last week another shader with it to URP so probably it'll work too if I go for it. For the walls I just make separate invisible objects (that aren't related to the effect) with RB's and colliders. Well performance is allways a bitch but I'll test it out by myself.