Inspired by the art of Transistor and Remember me, then, evolved while part of the team behind Pixel Ripped 1989 development.

Music produced by Leonardo Borges and listen on Spotify.


  • Circuitry like effects roughly 100% "sculpted" by curves and parameters;
  • 8 Original effects and 4 variants;
  • Basic primitives and few amount of textures and shader tricks;
  • Particle presets to speed your workflow;


  • All content compatible ONLY  WITH UNITY ENGINE;
  • Compatible with Unity 's URP /HDRP / SRP Pipelines (You will just have  to switch the  shaders to Unity' s builtin particle shaders of each pipeline);



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Circuits.unitypackage 220 kB


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Hi! Thinking of getting this. I would like the effects to be able to follow a pre-defined path. I am trying to simulate the flow of electricity on circuits that the user creates. Can it do this? How customisable is it? How many effects can it do simultaneously without a significant FPS hit? For context, I am looking at up 30-100 paths simultaneously. Thank you very much!

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Simultaneously about 9, the hiccup occurs based on processor level.

Unfortunately it's not so easy to make these circuits follow a specific path, depending on the aspect of your case, the circuits should be baked into flipbooks for performance nor generate some sort of seamless/tileable circuit texture  add the texture to a Trail renderer following the path, and add a noise shader capable of scrolling through the texture/UV revealing the circuits as the noise scrolls through the mesh of the trail gradually over the time...

Sorry for not fulfilling your needs, and thanks for asking before purchasing! 

Hi Ivan, thanks for taking the time to respond anyway.


Amazing package but it has some critical errors in the 2019.3.7f1 version of Unity. Hoped you might be able to help me resolve this problem below ...

Graphics.CopyTexture called for entire mipmaps with different memory size (source (RGBA8 UNorm) is 1048576 bytes and destination (RGBA16 SFloat) is 2097152 bytes)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

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Thanks for pointing this issue!
I will import this package into Unity 2019.3.7 to figure out what's happening ...

The message look a bit nonsense and I think that should  be related to the Sprite Atlas I've created ... I might remove it and use only the geometries for small rings on the tip of trails!

Is your effects working even with this console message?

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I've  uploaded a new Unity package upgraded to Unity 2019.3.8 with no console erros, would you mind if i ask you to try the new  package?

I did and only one effect was left in the package, all the others had vanished. That one effect seemed to be working okay without error messages.

It's a drag with Unity changing the API once a month, isn't it?