Retrieve the Uranium Coils lying accross the depths of a procedural sea within your submarine.


  1. Use headphones and turn off the light for a more immersive experience.
  2. The Sonar "Ping & Pong" returns a feedback of where the closest uranium pillar is from the submarine (imagine it like a wave that pulses from the nuclear waste);
  3. Download Desktop Version (windows) for better graphics and performance:!AjW5D0bL6bqzoAHrP_T2UbxEWXdH


  1. W/S will Increase/Decrease the altitude;
  2. Q/A will thrust your LEFT helix towards/backwards;
  3. E/D will thrust your RIGHT helix towards/backwards;
  4. SPACE when close to the uranium pillar to retrieve  It to the surface;