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This is so awesome and totally my aesthetic. I want to make a sound generator for it !! :)
I just recently played through this game called Technobabylon, and I feel like you might like it if this is your aesthetic!

Awesome!!! I hove all sorts of futurism, cyberpunk, dieselpunk, retrofuturism...

I did some of those "line like" Vfx for Pixel Ripped VR and other cyberpunk projects within ARVORE ...

Technobabylon is fucking awesome!!!!  Also played Gemini Rue, Red strings club, Under Rail, Steam Marines, Bionic Dues, Depth Of Extinction, Satellite Reign, Invisible Inc, Transistor, All Shadowrun series, All Fallout series, Remember me, Observer and ansious to Play "The Last Night" and  "Cyberpunk 2077"!

Okay okay, you win. I played... Technobabylon. Lol. And Tron 2.0 like 15 years ago. :>

This looks cool! Would be neat to watch it grow in slow motion.